Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheap Prices for Hotels during hard times

"Economies across the region face deepening recessions, especially in Spain and Italy" says The Washington Post

Consumer prices took a bigger than expected jump., reports CBS News.
"Well's there a little whiff of inflation," said Stuart Hoffman, senior vice president and chief economist for The PNC Financial Services Group. "But it mostly smelled like gasoline."
Gas prices have spiked 22 percent in just the past six months. During the recession, the inflation rate fell to its lowest levels in decades:
"Core inflation remains quite low, but it is beginning to rise," said Dean Maki of Barclays Capital.
With the winter frost damaging crops, food prices had their biggest spike in January in more than two years.
At Katz's deli in New York, manager Jake Dell Says it's cutting into profits.
"Every single one of our costs have gone up at least 2 percent. Some as high as 12 percent. That's a ridiculously high increase," said business owner Jake Dell.
Unfortunately, costs may be passed on to us, customers.
But just because cost are rising doesn't mean we shouldn't travel. In alot of cases some of us need to travel. Like myself. I travel a great deal due to the nature of my job and need to know where i can get the cheapest prices for hotels in order to lower my cost. 
Thats when a friend of mine suggested I use a website a friend of his told him. The site is CheapPricesForHotels.com
I hurried up and typed the address into google chrome and used the websites easy to use search tool. Next thing I knew, im saving a crap load of cash by comparing all the major hotel chains , and hotel websites, side by side to find the cheapest prices for hotels i have ever seen in my life. Like their logo says, "up to 80%"! I was dumb founded. Now you dont have to take my word for it. I suggest you give it a shot.
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Some of the popular destinations they offer cheap hotels for.

Barcelona, Spain
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