Sunday, June 24, 2012

Empire Avenue


So i was on google+ today doing my average thing scoping for something usefull. When a post for Empire Avenue came up in my stream. I was intrigued so i signed up for the website. Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites. The website started in February 2010 as an invitation-only closed beta before launching to the public in July 2010. Registration and game play is free.

How Empire Avenue is played.

Players have their own portfolio in a virtual economy. The price of a player's share depends on the ticker's stock buying and selling, along with social networking activity. Players can choose their own ticker symbol. The players can have multiple investors, which will garner them a higher share price, and they can invest in other players. Players win Achievements for their actions, such as advertising and adding services such as Twitter. Players gain dividends from the other shares in players they invest in, which are counted as Credits.
Social networks supported by Empire Avenue currently include FacebookTwitterFlickrYouTubeLinkedInFoursquareInstagramWordpress hosted blogs and the player's own blog and RSS feeds.

Empire Avenue is designed to drive social media activity and social media interaction between the registered members. Players' value increases, in part, as a result activity on social media sites and their own verified blogs and rss feeds. In addition, a player's value increases through dividends paid-out by other members he or she has invested in. Thus, the social media activity of a player's investments also contributes to his or her game wealth. It is in players' self-interest to follow, favorite, or otherwise contribute to the social media activity of those they invest in!

All and all i think Empire Avenue is an amazing idea and i can see this site becoming a pivitol campaign for all content creators!

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