Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say no to the friendzone by jediSwift

  Say no to the friend zone by DEFACED1
baby lets face it you know we just graduated away from the friend zone girl i hate to keep u waiting our friend ship is fading theres something you should know
i need you to breath i need you to hold for an eternity i want to grow old
this is hurting me inside i know as soon we walk away i never feel whole
in my mind at night i know you are the reason i keep my eyes close the girl that keeps me right, is right under your hose
if only you could see me right then you could release my soul girl you know i would treat you right i would polish you like gold

if something bad happened to you girl
id never get better forever in a whirl
stuck on spin cycle like psycho id fuck up the world
wind like a huricane id begin to devistate and destroy all their homes id teach them the meaning
lately you say you can never find a good guy to date complaining daily in my ear the whole time ive been right here open your eyes girl i whipe away your tears im the one you call at night when your nightmares feel real im the one you go to when your feeling fat in the mirror i cant take it anymore im jealous as a bitch and im about to tear now you know thats exactly how i feel from the bottom of my heart i love you so real ill love you so long all the stars will burn out
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