Monday, January 23, 2012

jediTunes New 2012 hip hop Mixtape just around the corner

2012 Hip Hop artist jediSwift is working on a killer new hip hop mixtape titled jediTunes. Currently this mixtape features jediSwift, jfreezeNate Monoxide, and more. jediSwift feels this mix-tape will be an excellent start to the 2012 underground hip hop music scene. Some of the titles being showcased on the mix-tape are in the list below. This hot 2012 mix-tape will be released on all your favorite media outlets from iTunes to Google Music. Until the release you can listen to some of jediSwifts hip hop freestyles and demo's on reverbnation. If you are an artist with some tracks exclusive unreleased hip hop or RnB tracks looking for exposure, contact Christopher Franko via Google+.

  1. HO STOP IT (soon to come...)
  2. inb4 teh thought police of 1984
  3. How I met your mother  (soon to come...)
  4. Since Day One  (soon to come...)
  5. Fun time on the Slide  (soon to come...)
  6. Say no to the friend zone
  7. Recalling Spring Time

Here is one of the unofficial images of the 2012 mix-tape jediTunes v.1 

until that time check out the old music.

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