Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Genres: 2012 Hip Hop / hipster / Hardcore Rap
Label: jediTUNES


jediSwift is a 25 yr old hiphop artist who claims to have invented radioTyping and frankoslavic hiphop. He hails from the boundaries of the internet, having been around poetry for the last 5 years while developing and maintaining a social network for poetry known as and a blog called which features famous poets from William Shakespeare to William Wordsworth. Growing up, jediSwifts favorite books were written by Dr. Seus. Later in life jediSwift replaced Dr. Sues with tech9, 3-6 mafia, bone thugs n harmony, tupac, and eminem. Now jediSwift is a slave to the ecomony and tired of all the lame tunes gracing the ears of the masses. Dumbfounded at how they have it and he doesnt have shiiiii-. Straight from the horses mouth.. This kid is SICK.


Born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate, Dr.'s told his mother he would never be able to hear or speak. Now you cant get him to shut up. Over a series of serious ear infections, he has gradually lost most of his hearing. Legally deaf and denied disability..  This kid is pissed off and slays everyone he knows with his vicious choice of words and compound syllybal rhyming style.


the truth

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