Friday, December 16, 2011

Send a call from Santa Claus via GMAIL

So i was just cruising the interwebz on google+ while i seen a post come from Gmail titled "Send a call from Santa Clause brought to you by Gmail". I was skeptical that it would be anything more then just a way from some company to swipe my contacts phone numbers but hey, what the heck might as well. I went to filled out a little questionnaire that asked my who i was, who the person Santa was going to call was, what their relationship was to me, what they like to eat, where they live and what holiday they are celebrating then I listened to the output. It was great!!!! So cute. Google hasnt let me down when it comes to the innovative ways to show their geeky personalities. Google is a rather personable company when it comes to their little apps. Dont get me started on Adsense tho. Anyways.. Below is a screen shot of the landing page. Its nice too. ^_^