Friday, December 9, 2011

My Schemer Beta Experience and thoughts

Ever wonder what to do next? Schemer can help.

Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.
Think you’re up for it? Join Schemer.

From a psychologist perspective.

The concept of schemer is "what do i want to do.. one day". So essentially you are creating your one day list in the concept of status updates. For example

I want to… be the president of the united states


I want to… try every flavor of mcdonalds dipping sauce

So why would this be important? Well, its a great way to aggregate data (get to know the person) through their dreams and aspirations. There for creating an effective way to market to them in the future. You are making the customer quiz themselves and then getting society involved with said created quiz. This information could be used for trend prediction, societal beliefs, and ultimately just to find out what people find admirable. There is always something sinister behind the scenes of a site that wants to know exactly what you want out of life and has the marketing potential to give you the illusion that you can have it, in order to drive conversions. BUT i still like it. ^_^

Here is a  few schemer screenshots of what the interface looks like.

"your schemes"

schemer profile

schemer home page

the hit the town icon seems to look like titties too, which is win.

Well this concludes the post on my SCHEMER experience. I think the site is neat, i like the concept, and i have always wanted to make my one day list lol. Perhaps when you use schemer you will inspire a revolution or someone to eat bacon ice cream. ^_^