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ENetwork Final Exam CCNA 1 4.0 answers

CCNA 1 4.0 FINAL EXAM 201 thanks heiserz

1. A network technician has made a UTP cable that is terminated as T568A on one end and T568B on the opposite end. What type of cable has been constructed?

Refer to the exhibit. A technician is working on a network problem that requires verification of the router LAN interface. What address should be pinged from this host to confirm that the router interface is operational?

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator remotely accesses the CLI of RouterB from PC1 using Telnet. Which statement is true about this connection?
The data is automatically encrypted.
A Telnet server process is running on PC1.
The connection is made through a VTY session on the router.
A GET request was sent to RouterB to retrieve data during this session.

4. Which three addresses belong to the category of public IP addresses? (Choose three.)

5. Which range of port numbers are reserved for services that are commonly used by applications that run on servers?
0 to 255
0 to 1023
1024 to 49151
49152 to 65535

6. Which prompt represents the appropriate mode used for the copy running-config startup-config command ?

7. Which two factors contribute to the increased throughput when all nodes of a LAN are connected to a switch instead of a hub? (Choose two.)
full-duplex operation
collision-free environment
logical bus media access
broadcast-free environment
point-to-multipoint topology

8. A network administrator is configuring several switches for a network. The switches have similar configurations and only minor differences. The administrator wants to save all commands that are issued on the first switch to a text file for editing. Which transfer option should be selected in HyperTerminal?
Send File…
Receive File…
Capture Text…
Send Text File…

9. An organization has been assigned network ID and subnet mask Which IP address range can be used for this organization? to to to to to

10. What is described by the network access layer of the TCP/IP model?
rules for packet acknowledgment, error recovery, and sequencing
rules for the handoff from the internet layer to the network access protocols
rules for how source and destination hosts exchange data between programs
rules for determining which processes can be used to route messages through an internetwork

11. A technician is setting up a workgroup for six users and wants to allow users to share files without setting up a server. Which application layer protocol will provide for peer-to-peer file sharing in a workgroup?

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of network design is shown?
wide area
dedicated server

13. Refer to the exhibit. A network technician wants to connect host A to the console of a Cisco switch to initialize the configuration. What type of cable is required for this connection?
straight-through cable
crossover cable
rollover cable
serial cable

14. What command can be used to troubleshoot domain name resolution issues?
arp -a

Refer to the exhibit. When host A sends a frame addressed for host D, which hosts will receive the frame?
only host D
only hosts A and D
only hosts B, C, and D
all hosts

The tracert command was issued on computer A. Computer A can ping other addresses on the local subnet. Computer A sent the first ICMP packet toward computer B with a TTL value of 1. A protocol analyzer that was running on computer B showed that the packet never reached its destination. Why did the packet not reach the destination?
There is a TCP/IP problem on computer A.
There is a routing loop between R1 and R2.
R1 does not have a route for the destination network.
The TTL for the packet was decreased to zero by R1.

17. A user enters in the address line of a browser. Which statement is true about this transaction?
The “http” portion indicates the protocol that is being used.
The “web1.htm” portion is the specific service name.
The retrieved web page will be displayed in URL code.
The “” is the name of the web page file that is called.

18. When must a router serial interface be configured with the clock rate command?
when the interface is functioning as a DTE device
when the interface timers have been cleared
when the connected DTE device is shut down
when the interface is functioning as a DCE device

19. Which option shows the PDU that contains the Layer 3 source and destination addressing for a packet?
Option 3

20. Which communication tool allows real-time collaboration?
instant messaging

Refer to the exhibit. Host A attempts to establish a TCP/IP session with host C. During this attempt, a frame was captured with the source MAC address 0050.7320.D632 and the destination MAC address 0030.8517.44C4. The packet inside the captured frame has an IP source address, and the destination IP address is At which point in the network was this packet captured?
leaving host A
leaving ATL
leaving Dallas
leaving NYC

Refer to the exhibit. Which application layer service was used to determine the IP address assigned to the URL?

23. Which router component will have contents erased when the command erase startup-config is issued?

24. Which prompt is associated with the privileged exec mode?

25. Which scenario describes a typical peer-to-peer network environment?
An employee downloads a file that is stored on a departmental file server.
An employee edits and reviews web pages on a web server that is located in the server farm.
A teleworker logs into a core router of the corporate network and makes a configuration change.
A user on one office PC sends output to a printer that is attached to the USB port of another PC in an adjacent office.

26. To enhance security in a network, the network administrator uses these commands:
Router(config)# line console 0
Router(config-line)# password j1mdi2
Router(config-line)# login
What two conclusions are evident from these commands? (Choose two.)
Users who attempt to connect to the console port of the router must enter a password.
The entries permit access through the console by the use of j1mdi2 as the password.
The entries eliminate the need for authentication.
Access through the console will be denied because the console configuration is incomplete.
The entries prevent passwords from being displayed as plain text.

Refer to the exhibit. Which option correctly identifies the network address, range of host addresses, and the broadcast address for the network that contains host A?–––––– ––

Refer to the exhibit. Host A is able to access resources on the local LAN but is unable to access any resources on the Internet. What is the likely cause of this problem?
The host subnet mask in incorrect.
The network uses private addresses.
The host address is a network address.
The default gateway is on a different subnet from the host.

29. A routing issue has occurred in your internetwork. Which of the following type of devices should be examined to isolate this error?
access point

Refer to the exhibit. For connecting two routers with an Ethernet crossover cable, which interface should be used?

31. Which option represents a point-to-point logical topology diagram?
Option 4

32. Which OSI layer manages data segments?
application layer
presentation layer
session layer
transport layer

33. Which two types of media can provide bandwidth up to 1 Gb/s? (Choose two.)
100 BASE-T
1000 BASE-TX
1000 BASE-SX

Refer to the exhibit. An employee wants to access the organization intranet from home. Which intermediary device should be used to connect the organization intranet to the Internet to enable this access?
wireless access point

35. How many host addresses may be assigned when using the network address with a subnet mask of

Refer to the exhibit. What function does router RT_A need to provide to allow Internet access for hosts in this network?
address translation
DHCP services
web server

37. Which application belongs to the category of the client/server model?
using Telnet to access a router
exchanging information via instant messaging
printing a document to a locally connected printer
scanning a document with a directly connected scanner

Refer to the exhibit. Which two layers of the OSI model describe the same functions as the transport and internet layers of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)
application layer
presentation layer
session layer
transport layer
network layer
data link layer
physical layer

39. Which application layer protocol allows administrators to log into a server from remote locations and control a server as though logged in locally?

40. A technician is asked to secure the privileged EXEC mode of a switch by requiring a password. Which type of password would require this login and be considered the most secure?
enable secret

Refer to the exhibit. What two facts can be determined from the session information that is displayed? (Choose two.)
The protocol is a connection-oriented protocol.
This exchange is part of the three-way handshake.
The SYN flag is representing the initial establishment of a session.
The destination port indicates that an FTP session has been initiated.
The source port does not support communication with the destination port that is listed.

Refer to the exhibit. RouterB is configured properly. The Ethernet interface Fa0/0 of RouterA is configured with the use of the commands that are shown. However, a ping from the Fa0/0 interface of RouterA to the Fa0/0 interface of RouterB is unsuccessful. What action should be taken on RouterA to solve this problem?
Use the description command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0.
Configure the clock rate of the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0.
Use the no shutdown command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0.
Reboot the router.

Refer to the exhibit. Communication for hosts X and Y is restricted to the local network. What is the reason for this?
Host X is assigned a network address.
Host Y is assigned a multicast address.
Host X and host Y belong to different networks.
The gateway addresses are broadcast addresses.

44. Which topology divides the collision domain and provides full media bandwidth to the hosts in the network?

Refer to the exhibit. The ping command is issued on the local host. What do the ping results indicate?
The local host can send packets on the local network.
The TCP/IP stack on the local host operates properly.
The local host has full connectivity to the default gateway.
The local host has full connectivity to the remote network.

46. A technician makes several changes to the running configuration on a router, but the desired results are not achieved. The technician issues the reload command. What action will be taken by the router?
All changes will be lost and the router will restart immediately.
Changes will be saved automatically and the router will restart.
The user will be prompted to save changes before the router restarts.
The router will detect changes to the running configuration and will reload using the configuration stored in RAM.

47. What is the effect of the command copy running-config tftp?
copies the configuration from a remote machine into RAM
copies the configuration from a remote machine into NVRAM
copies the configuration currently in RAM to a remote machine
copies the configuration currently in NVRAM to a remote machine

Refer to the exhibit. Host1 is in the process of setting up a TCP session with Host2. Host1 has sent a SYN message to begin session establishment. What happens next?
Host1 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 0, SYN flag = 0 to Host2.
Host1 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 1, SYN flag = 0 to Host2.
Host1 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 1, SYN flag = 1 to Host2.
Host2 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 0, SYN flag = 1 to Host1.
Host2 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 1, SYN flag = 0 to Host1.
Host2 sends a segment with the ACK flag = 1, SYN flag = 1 to Host1.

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is trying to determine the correct IP address configuration for Host A. What is a valid configuration for Host A?
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:

50. Which physical component is used to access and perform the initial configuration on a new unconfigured router?
Option 2

51. What can the user do from the command prompt, Router(config-line)# ?
Configure one of the network interfaces.
Configure one of the physical or virtual lines.
Verify the running configuration on the device.
Configure the parameters for one of the routing protocols.

Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to reach host B on the remote network. A technician attempted to ping the local gateway and the ping was successful. To verify the host configuration, the technician issued the ipconfig command. What is the likely cause of the problem?
The local NIC is incorrectly configured.
The subnet mask on host A is incorrectly configured.
The IP address on host A is incorrectly configured.
The default gateway on host A is incorrectly configured.



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