Monday, October 31, 2011

How to make money with paid surveys protips

I just read this lens on paid surveys and it got me thinking, perhaps I should blog about it!

This is how I make money, avoid spam and still enjoy taking paid surveys.

At the paid surveys core, true paid surveys are unlike any other "get paid to" programs on the web. Y? Because the true paying websites are market research businesses that work for reputable companies, political organizations, etc. to gather information. They are not pyramids, investment opportunities, etc., they are research.

So why does the paid survey industry have such a bad name? There are a lot of sites out there that are scammers, spammers or just plain inactive. As an example. At last count, I signed up with more than 300 sites. After signing up with all of these sites, I had to weed through thousands of e-mails for supposed "surveys" and get off those lists that really were page after page of offers that wanted my credit card numbers. I had to deal with a fair amount of SPAM that suddenly began showing up. And today, I actively do surveys and get paid by 10% of them.

Unlike many other get paid to programs, most programs aren't build on downlines and referrals. Do some of them have referral programs? Sure. Some of them pay nicely, some not so well, some get you drawings for sweepstakes and most don't pay at all for referring people. Each month, I make less than $20 off referrals.

Can you make money taking surveys? Absolutely. I am to a point where I make at least $200 a month taking them. I spend about 15 minutes a day doing surveys, that averages out to $26 an hour. I think that's worth it. I have never known anyone who made $2,000 a month like some sites promise. It just doesn't happen.

Do I recommend signing up and getting involved? Absolutely. For two reasons. First, you are helping educate companies about their products. Put simply, you are making a difference. And second, the money is great too.

But, like any get paid to programs on the net, there are some things you HAVE to know.

1. The cardinal rule of taking surveys online? Never, ever pay to get a list of survey sites or to be added to a list of sites by someone else. In my opinion, I wouldn't even bother with the sites that say they will do this for free. Research the good sites, sign yourself up, individually with each of them and then you will know you are signed up and that your information is accurate.
2. Do your research. There are companies that pay handsomely for referrals but will never send you a survey yourself. I don't recommend those and I won't suggest them either. Will you see a lot of other people promoting them. Absolutely, they are making money if you sign up. But are you looking to make money for taking surveys or make money from referrals...there is a difference.
3. Fill out your profiles completely. Depending on the survey, any one of those questions could be the one they need to know to have you qualify.
4. Take sweepstakes surveys from time to time. I don't do all of the ones I get in my e-mail, but when I have a minute, I do take them. Lets those companies know you are out there and willing to be active. Even sweeps companies send out paying surveys from time to time.

If that's helpful to you, feel free to check it out. Otherwise, I am always happy to respond to private messages. If you would like to get started now you could check out this Paid Surveys site. Click Here! I hear this site is about to close membership. I hope you get an account before they do.



  1. I used to be in market research on a part time basis when I just left uni. It was pretty fun. Weirdest was auditing customer service and cleanliness at Shell petrol kiosks.

  2. Sounds like a good job to do! Thanks for posting about surveys!

  3. Is that paid surveys site legit? It looks kinda sketchy... thanks for the tips though. Maybe you could list some other survey sites that you've had success with?

  4. I take a few surveys. I can use what I earn for a variety of "rewards." I always take Macy's gift cards because I like nice clothes. I also belong to Kellogg's Kitchen Connection. I get about $25/ month from them on amazon.