Monday, March 14, 2011

How to buy .999 Silver Rounds for investment Collecting

After watching a handful of conspiracy theory documentaries discussing the increase cost of commodities and the prediction of the american dollar crash, i have decided to buy Pure Silver Rounds from now on. After todays silver journeys have proved tedious and gas wasting, im going to tell you how to keep yourself from making the same mistakes.

Silver buying Bro TIPS part 1

  1. silver coins minted before 1965 are usually 90% silver (also known as junk silver buuuuut its still silver so the coin is still worth something).
  2. banks do not seperate the silver coins from the worthless coins(coins that appear to be silver but are not)
  3. you can get lucky and find silver coins by purchasing Kennedy half dollar rolls then selling the rolls back to the bank after you have extracted the silver ones.
  4. .999 Silver rounds can usually be bought at pawn shops marked "coin and pawn"
  5. .9999 Silver Eagles can usually be bought at the same pawn shop, but they are usually proofs and uncirculated mints, so they are subject to a completely different increase of value.
This is quick infoz for the next time u buy silver.. if you buy silver. Below is the picture of the silver round that i purchased!

my first OZ of .999% pure silver round :D the price was $40 USD



  1. But the USD has usually been a week currency, i get two of them for the sterling.

  2. I think you might be on to something with this...