Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trollin even in my dream world

Jk not really trolling but the dream did start underneath a really dark and dank wooden bridge, soon as i came too, i was like WTF why are we in this dark area lets get to some light. It was two girls and I. It seemed like we might of been hiding, or they were and i just appeared in the dream like yo, what do.
 Anyways, i persuaded them to leave the darkness because it smelled of penicillin, so i push some bricks through the wall and climb into through it to find myself in some old crazy lady's shed. How do i know she was an old crazy lady? well because my dream characters told me so AFTER we got in there.. They were like "oh btw this woman is crazy as fuck and i think she has a shot gun"

 Sure enough i look up and the old crazy west Virginian has a shot gun.. and shoots a warning in the air. I bolted like Flash. Zoooooom. Running as fast as i could through her yard right through some tree's. Right directly on the other side of the trees was an electric fence to a garden. I cleared it, running through fleshly ploughed land.

 Trying not to step on any plants. I did this for a few yards until i got to a street, that turned into a 3rd world style village. Well i noticed as i walked by these half ass sheds, that these people were growing this food and hoarding it. Like TONS AND TONS of food was stored in here, and when i went in and stole an apple from a barrel some hindu looking man came in the room i was in and started to chase me around a bale of hay. I threw the apple at him and hit him in the face with it.. Laughed a bit and darted out of the room where the beautiful dream scape started to fade.

Here is some really good info on dreaming:
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  1. If I'd had two women with me, I'd have probably wanted to make the most of being in the dark.

  2. I always end up falling when I run in my dreams. Does anyone else ?



  3. I have to say, that was pretty interesting.

  4. Talking about dreams, I had a dream where somebody controlled my dog, and made it jump off a high cliff =[

  5. I hope I could remember my dreams as you do with yours...

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