Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i'm going so nuts for coconuts

This is day three on my coconut oil journey. Ill tell you what. Coconut oil is from a Higher Plane of Existence. I have been putting coconut oil in my fungal infected ear just once a day for the passed three days. I have also been putting the coconut oil on other things to see what coconut oil will work well with.

if his shoe was huge..
My mom is a diabetic, and her big toe is infected from a hang nail. (SIDE FACT: The tallest man whoever lived died from the complications of a hangnail, robert wadlow, who happens to be related to my grandmother =]) So I have also been using her as a coconut oil guinea pig. She has no objections because she doesnt want her toe amputated and the drs are so expensive here in Eastern North Carolina. Besides its in the name of science.

At first i was kind of baffled on how i was going to get the solid oil into my ear. Good thing ingenuity kicked in. I fetched a pale of water, placed said pale into the microwave until the water was nice and hot. That process took roughly 2 minutes. 5 - 4 -3 -2 -1........OPEN MICROWAVE NO BEEP.. Felt like bomb defuser.

Then I placed the jar of solid coconut oil into the warm water. The coconut oil took roughly 5-10 minutes to be completely liquefied. Once the coconut oil is completely liquefied I took an ear dropper and driped 10-15 drops into the infected ear. Instantly i could feel the soothing nature of the oil. I left the drops in for like 30-45 mins, everyone else said 20 but i do it my way because well.. i  just do. WTF can the extra time hurt you know? The ear is already effed up..  After the time elapsed i let the coconut oil drain out slowly.

Ear Results:

  • Day 2, i woke up and my ear pain was gone, and the discharge still had a strange smell as well as color but the production seemed to have slow down a tad bit.
  • Day 3 i woke up, the discharge did not have the brown coloring and the smell has tapered off an extreme amount, this is pretty amazing since i have literally spent only a few dollars on this coconut oil compared to the ineffective poison called antibiotics and dr visit. FUUUUUUU lame ass american healthcare.
Moms Foot Results:
  • 1st application showed slight improvement of redness over night
  • 2nd application has shown little to no improvement, but also not really worsening either.
Other Results: (random things i found to put it on since its microbicidal)
  • I had a bump on my ass cheek. Applied the coconut topically, 16 hours later. GONE.
  • tiny black heads on my forehead and nose... Applied topically, 16 hours later. GONE.
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  2. very interesting, looking forward to the next days on your journey

  3. they can't patent coconut oil so they make "antibiotics" which are less effective but much more profitable. It's always about the money. Good post!

  4. Who knew coconut oil could be so useful?