Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IE8 VS Google Chrome

My Thoughts:
When asked to compare a third party browser to the Internet Explorer 8, i kinda chuckled. Thinking to myself, how easy of a task to accomplish. I personally use Chrome. I use google chrome because i can notice a difference performance speed, and the sheer minimalistic approach to browsing that chrome provides for me is also pleasing. Both Chrome, and IE8, have tabed browsing, so thats no longer an issue like it was in the previous versions. The idea of a "homepage"  in IE8 feels a little classic and oldschool especially when compared to the sleek start screen of google chrome. The start screen  shows you all the websites that you visit the most in a little boxes that have screenshots. I  feel that google chromes answer is the evolved answer, and i also believe that this approach to surfing like you are choosing channels will catch on pretty fast.

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Question to leave with:
What if when you hovered links it would give you the links information, like screenshot, and dns info, wouldnt that be sweet.


  1. I personally use firefox. But I also use chrome on occasion. Don't much care for IE.

  2. firefox just started getting real slow in comparison to chrome

  3. thatsa a creepy pic up top. i think its that moustache

  4. firefox user here. haven't tried ie8 yet, but i tried chrome and wasn't overly impressed

  5. still on firefox....havent used IE in ages