Monday, January 31, 2011

WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THE INTERNET!? canada and egypt going insane

Seems like everywhere i turn, the internet is on the news for something. First it was wikileaks. What did the media do that day? The media painted the internet as an evil free world where there are no laws or order. A place where terrorist and hackers reign supreme. And the hackers are just there to ruin the plans of a morale and just government, with no war crimes to hide. Who sides with this plan? Oh just the internet payment guru, and what did they do?? Froze DONATIONS made to the wikileaks account. Why? Due to pressure from high places. Well what happened to wikileaks.. It was whiped clean from dns tables. aka, the domain was seized.

1-0 internet reform. 1-0 global internet reform

The righteous and less manipulating "hActivist group anonymous" take matters into there own hand.. Doing what they do best.. enough to make the rest look like idiots.

2-0 internet reform

Egypt going all intranet superstar, almost like they succeeded from the union. Causes intense uproar. No more youtube and you piss people off. Thats like taking justin bieber dolls away from a middle school girl, or a pan away from a woman. Like.. WTF.  I knew that this was possible, but i didnt know a ruler had the balls to do this. If this were to happen in usa, shit would hit the fan. Sorry thing is tho. I think it could happen, and usa would never know, seeing how we dont use their websites for shit, they use ours. well.. illegal shit maybe.

3-0 internet reform  2-0 global internet reform

Canada's hoping for a reversal on the internet cap decision tho im not sure the public can greese politics like Bell can. I think canada should say fuck bell and internet all together, and as a whole, publicly stop using their service. If everyone collectivly stoped using them,

4-0 internet reform 3-0 global internet reform

In conclusion. There will be an internet reform soon. Wether it is reform or revolution is up to you. Remember, that the internet started free. by free i mean free of charge, and free of law. It can still be free if we dont let them take it from us.

google, why does this captcha say penis?

i looked at this like 4 times.. thinking to myself.. wtf. does google really want me to type penis. As if somewhere in the mind of google, came the idea  my masculinity and homophobia. wanted to see if i had a problem with male junk. some men would have hit f5  until they were a safe distance in timespace away from such a phallic word. me, i embraced destiny. and drew you a picture. this is what my mind saw.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Air is a real thing

I went to the store today, to get some gas, and some air, and i went in to pay, i said, yo, it would be sweet if yall had free air, i would come here everyday, being how i have a slow leak in on of my tires that needs to be fixed and i am poor, anyways, the asshole said "yea it would be nice if things in life were free, but they are not" i wanted to be like. listen here hadji its free up the road, i know because i just came from there, there is such thing as free things in life and if yo were in your country , your fuckin country men would be taking it from you everyday, but i didnt, i calmly walked out and didnt pay for shit and went to another store, one where they are less of an asshole.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IE8 VS Google Chrome

My Thoughts:
When asked to compare a third party browser to the Internet Explorer 8, i kinda chuckled. Thinking to myself, how easy of a task to accomplish. I personally use Chrome. I use google chrome because i can notice a difference performance speed, and the sheer minimalistic approach to browsing that chrome provides for me is also pleasing. Both Chrome, and IE8, have tabed browsing, so thats no longer an issue like it was in the previous versions. The idea of a "homepage"  in IE8 feels a little classic and oldschool especially when compared to the sleek start screen of google chrome. The start screen  shows you all the websites that you visit the most in a little boxes that have screenshots. I  feel that google chromes answer is the evolved answer, and i also believe that this approach to surfing like you are choosing channels will catch on pretty fast.

More info at:

Question to leave with:
What if when you hovered links it would give you the links information, like screenshot, and dns info, wouldnt that be sweet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bout to do some photo shooping.

I hate my nose, 2 fuckin nose jobs, and u think it would be symetrical :/
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Friday, January 14, 2011


Drinks tea like a boss
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I feel as if the universe is touching me, and that's why I feel it, rather then I'mjust bumping into the universe. I think perhaps its conscious and curious of me like I am it.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Secret

Class starts back

Waiting in, perhaps the right line, hopefully, idk. book vouchers ftw also let's start the day with cocoa and a crumpet.

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