Friday, December 17, 2010

Falling out of habits and dreams

My dream cycle has been pretty wild lately. Dream recall has been at a really low. I think its because im only sleeping for like 5 hours at a time. Then get up and work work work. I have went lucid tons though. Lucid enough to try and convince my other DC's that they are dreaming also. I do remember a dream were iwas running through a blackberry patch, and oprah winfrey was chasing me with a warewolf, like a Lychan. Anyways what made me go lucid in that dream was, they chased a girl and i into this creepy beetlejuice lookkin house and i did a reality check, realized i was dreaming because i had this new power, the power to feel what was being created in my dream, i could feel that i was creating those beast. So it was like i had wallhax. soon as the warewolf rounded the corner i knocked it the eff out with a single punch to the face, then when i confronted the dc's they just stoped in place, i had complete command of them after that, like mind control. It was kinda bad ass. just sayin.

1 comment:

  1. That may be an awesome dream but try not to learn from it... punching a werewolf square in the face may not have the same effect next time!