Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Poetry : that i found

I was sorting through all my files the other day, and found a bunch of poems I had written last year, forgotten, apparently. Thought I’d share one.

Like petals of blood,
On my silk sleeve it lands now.
Such is human heart.

Like broken spirits,
Crying out for redemption.
Such is human’s pain.

Like cold bloodstained tears,
That break apart innocence.
Such is human fear.

Like the dying cry,
Of the king of misery.
Such is human fool.

Like a soft flower,
Given by a kindly face.
Such is human joy.

Like laughter of youth,
Pure innocence and passion,
Such is human love.

Like the sweetest song,
Sung by a choir of angels.
Such is human soul.


  1. It's a pretty cool poem! Some of the phrases are put together quite well