Monday, November 15, 2010

So ive discovered something today..oh and created a new blog.

I was a hipster, scene kid, what the fuck ever, from way back. Back so far, i feel like i should have a flux capacitor on my ford escort. Never got into the dressing like a "thug".. you know.. Baggy ass jeans, with 4 pairs of shorts, and a wife beater. Never! It just wasnt that cool for the white kids to do that back then. Dressing "preppy" i guess was my style, but i had piercings and died hair. Either way..

I have discovered, the whole Trans racial style that is errupting over suburbia, is alot like plug and play. Jerkin is just another name for being scene, which evolved from the lame ass emo kids ( no offense even you know your style blows ). Scene actually made that horriblness colorful and pleaseing to look at. TY scene kids!

So i decided to add a huge ass, "bling bling" chain and cross to my wardrobe.

The result?


Its kind of funny how one gets treated different just by a single accessory. Now im prejudged to be someone as cool as the other people in the big chain fan club. All because its a popularized, inflated, bs illusion.. Anyways, I walk by the girls and they smile like they know the size of my johnson now, or think that ive got the new lil wayne and a blunt in the car. Im not sure, but its humourous to me, because as i gain a buldging disc in my neck from wearing this almost flav clock, there they are, the bitches, sweatin me like im the heat they need, big girls lookin away like im exercise. I just dont get it. Yesterday all i got was smiles, today im getting numbers. Im the same ol, broke ass, hates bitches, cause i aint got money kinda guy, but all they see is a huge ding-a-ling, because i got this chain on. Shit. Get a chain, get some attention. problem solved.


  1. gotta get myself a chain! :D

  2. drop a few consonants, a couple of vowels, throw in the wrong tense and it's all aiiiiiiight. you have been judged.