Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Non reciprocation leads to resentment

When someone feels like the effort they put out for someone is not equally reciprocated they become resentful of the person. This leads to the person being the "cause of their problems", "not doing anything to help them", & "half asses everything".

I don't do things with out being asked because when i do, I do it wrong. I cant ever do enough, even when Im doing everything. After im done doing everything, its instantly forgotten. I do a million good things, they get painted over by one "bad".

You say im the root of all your problems because you cant face up to the music, your current shitty reality is your own fault. Not everyone else's.

If i wasn't here. you would be that much closer to true loneliness.


  1. Wow, this sucks. One of my very dear friends told me once to never measure the things you do for someone. This just leads to resentment as you have pointed out, as we keep track of the many good things we do for someone and they go unnoticed and unappreciated. I've found her advice to be very helpful-- it's just a shift of mind that has made me much less of a resentful person.