Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ISP Restriction... WHAT DO?!? File Bankruptcy?

Just got done watching the second episode of extreme universe season 5. I had decided to blog about it. Feeling parched, i travel to the kitchen and fix a glass of ice water for my cotton mouth. Only to come back, and find google chrome open to a "landing page" that says "your internet access has been restricted due to the downloading of  Robin Hood we received an electronic response from a server at mit stating you downloaded it via bit torrent blah blah blah blah"

Ok what the fuck ever.. My question is this, how do you know that my IP was connected to one of your files, when i had trackers taken off, and only DHP on, there for i had to be connected to you AS YOU WERE SHARING THE FILE. Thats like saying its ok for the govt to give crack dealers crack and then not only bust the crack dealers for having crack but taking down all the people that you allowed him to supply too. What flavor  of fuckary is this?

 Piracy is not theft, THEFT is when you physically take the object from its original state, like saying i hacked into NBC deleted their uTorrent client that was seeding Robin Hood ( A Pirated Folktale that they are making money off of still ) and had the only copy left in the world. THAT WOULD BE THEFT. Piracy is when a copy is made, but the owner keeps the originally copy, losing the worth of their copy.. It pisses them off to know they have only made a billion dollars from back to the future, when they could have made two and bought another flux capacitor or perhaps some more uranium and just gave it to doc instead he had to get shot over that shit.

In conclusion,every fat ass of nbc that cries about all the little boys and girls seeing their movies for free, get the fuck over it. All your losing is something you never had to begin with, your losing peace of mind. Your losing your business model. IT HAPPENS. Go down gracefully. Why dont you pirate an idea from an older movie idea? Oh snack! Theres a new business plan for you, shit.. that business plan is a pirate too. SOB. Your doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU to PIRACY good thing in PIRACY no one loses anything. Maybe you could buy some more websites, like myspace, make them all corporate for your bottom line and watch the users leave. The world is on a wave, sorry you cant find a stable ripple to exist in. Keep grasping at straws by sending letters to isp's about a movie download you made available. There has to be some sort of comercial entrapment legislation out there. Who knows..Maybe i will file bankruptcy.

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  1. It's an issue with them not wanting to modify their business model. For some reason, spending millions to attack individuals and websites is way more cost effective to them...somehow. It really wouldn't be that hard to change the business model to make music/movies free online and pay for it in other ways...like advertisements to for websites. Oh right, this is a comment, not a post of my own.