Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Poetry : that i found

I was sorting through all my files the other day, and found a bunch of poems I had written last year, forgotten, apparently. Thought I’d share one.

Like petals of blood,
On my silk sleeve it lands now.
Such is human heart.

Like broken spirits,
Crying out for redemption.
Such is human’s pain.

Like cold bloodstained tears,
That break apart innocence.
Such is human fear.

Like the dying cry,
Of the king of misery.
Such is human fool.

Like a soft flower,
Given by a kindly face.
Such is human joy.

Like laughter of youth,
Pure innocence and passion,
Such is human love.

Like the sweetest song,
Sung by a choir of angels.
Such is human soul.

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Non reciprocation leads to resentment

When someone feels like the effort they put out for someone is not equally reciprocated they become resentful of the person. This leads to the person being the "cause of their problems", "not doing anything to help them", & "half asses everything".

I don't do things with out being asked because when i do, I do it wrong. I cant ever do enough, even when Im doing everything. After im done doing everything, its instantly forgotten. I do a million good things, they get painted over by one "bad".

You say im the root of all your problems because you cant face up to the music, your current shitty reality is your own fault. Not everyone else's.

If i wasn't here. you would be that much closer to true loneliness.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hipocracy is my middle name,

Hipocracy is my middle name, truth is my first and my last has yet to be because I am not at my last yet. When I am, ill say fuck gd

so much win

im drunk and eating good foods. buahahahahaha.

Doritos collision

Soooooo dank
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Great weather! 27889

I love it. So fuckin cozy.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What am I thankful for?

Thanksgiving is that time of year when im reminded constantly that today is some national holiday to slaughter turkeys and pretend everyone in a dysfunctional family loves each other to preserve a weak ass tradition. Oh what a joyful holiday it is.

So what am I thankful for this today? Im thankful that i didnt wake up with a hangover for one. Thankful for the 8x8 room my parents so resentfully let me sleep in. What im really thankful for in this room. It has a window! Im thankful for not having any shitty north carolina friends, because friends 'round here will use you then forsake you once they can no longer use you anymore. Im thankful for not having a girlfriend. Imagine if i did for just a second, then i would have to go to her parents house also, pretending to be thankful for allowing their daughter to date such a hateful fuck hole like myself, nothx. Im thankful for having the ability to lie and smile. Im thankful for the sale of beer, im thankful for marijuana prices being so fuckin expensive that i can only afford to be an alcoholic. Im thankful for not having a wife and children to beat while im drunk. Im thankful for my misfortune. Im thankful for being poor. Im thankful for blogger allowing me to tell others what im thankful for, so they also can be thankful they dont know me either. Im thankful for blackfriday, but kinda like.. wtf. WHERE IS WHITE FRIDAY! Black friday implies that only blacks take advantage of the sales because whites can afford the regular prices.. Im here to say THATS BS. I'm Caucasian and cant even afford the black friday's sales. So i think it should be called Poor Minority Friday. I would be thankful for that. Im thankful for my broke down car, and the fresh tires i just bought that slowly leak air. Im thankful for the slipping transmission because it allows me to be thankful im not walking yet. Im thankful for the soldiers who are fighting in a modern day war for oil conquest (renuable energy is just sooo hard -cries-) . Im thankful for n. Korea thinking their Chinese balls are huge. Im thankful for the impending nuclear holocaust. Im thankful for everyone who is apart of that. Im thankful for childish politics. Im thankful for the unjust goverment and laws we live by. Most importantly im thankful for inequality, starvation, chaos, mayhem, agony, and whores. With out any of those things the world would be so much worse, and i couldnt be thankful for the wasteful meal im about to eat and discard 75%  of the meal i didnt like into the trash. Take that hungry 3rd world countries. Your tears of self pitty make me thankful im not you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing in the blogosphere

I have noticed tons of women. Every type from single cooking cougars to narsacistic models who think their 1920's outfit makes them more attractive. Its been fun times. Blogging is my new hobby.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think next time i make a banner for a blog.

im going to ustream it.. then upload it and stuff. oh btw, new banner! how do you folks like? took me like 10 mins :D photoshop cs 2 i swear is a good little tool. specially if you know your way around adobe products.

Burning down the haus

Hard days work. Going up in smoke.
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Inception is hands down..


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bruno is at petsmar

We are at chik-fil-a.
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How we start our day

Little tussin here. Little driving there.
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Bruno rdy for petsmart!!

Bruno is a bullmastiff mixed with great dane. He is a smart. And happy.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

MrChrisfranko's webcam video November 15, 2010, 05:25 AM

Skating drive way is fail chocowinity

Ugh. -_-
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Lizz's pumpkin chz cake

Mmm.. Pumpkin cheesecake :d

Looks so good. :D

Made it

To verizon wireless, first stop of the journey.
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Soo I'm about to be in the news. Hah

Idk what news but like, she was deff a reporter, blond hair, greenvile, red outfit. And they were filming the rd we drove by.
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Harvested bacca

Used to be bacca round these here parts.

Starting journey with muder

Murder? Foreshadowing?
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Name this dance

Win something cool.
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My head equip

DEF + 10 INT + 2
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ISP Restriction... WHAT DO?!? File Bankruptcy?

Just got done watching the second episode of extreme universe season 5. I had decided to blog about it. Feeling parched, i travel to the kitchen and fix a glass of ice water for my cotton mouth. Only to come back, and find google chrome open to a "landing page" that says "your internet access has been restricted due to the downloading of  Robin Hood we received an electronic response from a server at mit stating you downloaded it via bit torrent blah blah blah blah"

Ok what the fuck ever.. My question is this, how do you know that my IP was connected to one of your files, when i had trackers taken off, and only DHP on, there for i had to be connected to you AS YOU WERE SHARING THE FILE. Thats like saying its ok for the govt to give crack dealers crack and then not only bust the crack dealers for having crack but taking down all the people that you allowed him to supply too. What flavor  of fuckary is this?

 Piracy is not theft, THEFT is when you physically take the object from its original state, like saying i hacked into NBC deleted their uTorrent client that was seeding Robin Hood ( A Pirated Folktale that they are making money off of still ) and had the only copy left in the world. THAT WOULD BE THEFT. Piracy is when a copy is made, but the owner keeps the originally copy, losing the worth of their copy.. It pisses them off to know they have only made a billion dollars from back to the future, when they could have made two and bought another flux capacitor or perhaps some more uranium and just gave it to doc instead he had to get shot over that shit.

In conclusion,every fat ass of nbc that cries about all the little boys and girls seeing their movies for free, get the fuck over it. All your losing is something you never had to begin with, your losing peace of mind. Your losing your business model. IT HAPPENS. Go down gracefully. Why dont you pirate an idea from an older movie idea? Oh snack! Theres a new business plan for you, shit.. that business plan is a pirate too. SOB. Your doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU to PIRACY good thing in PIRACY no one loses anything. Maybe you could buy some more websites, like myspace, make them all corporate for your bottom line and watch the users leave. The world is on a wave, sorry you cant find a stable ripple to exist in. Keep grasping at straws by sending letters to isp's about a movie download you made available. There has to be some sort of comercial entrapment legislation out there. Who knows..Maybe i will file bankruptcy.

Tatoo : agony

Left wrist, leads to the heart. All things leading to the heart are agonizing.
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Artwork : titan self portrait

Titan. My cat, did this. And I was there, assisting the pencils.
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Artwork : Another doodle

Sat there, and drew what I knew, and what I saw.
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Artwork : I feel invisible

This picture was done with color pencils, and its about how I've been feeling lately. Invisible.
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My eyes!!!

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Sweet sky

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Driving and camera skillz

I was trying to foto the guy with the hard hat. Village people lookin at a problem.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

So ive discovered something today..oh and created a new blog.

I was a hipster, scene kid, what the fuck ever, from way back. Back so far, i feel like i should have a flux capacitor on my ford escort. Never got into the dressing like a "thug".. you know.. Baggy ass jeans, with 4 pairs of shorts, and a wife beater. Never! It just wasnt that cool for the white kids to do that back then. Dressing "preppy" i guess was my style, but i had piercings and died hair. Either way..

I have discovered, the whole Trans racial style that is errupting over suburbia, is alot like plug and play. Jerkin is just another name for being scene, which evolved from the lame ass emo kids ( no offense even you know your style blows ). Scene actually made that horriblness colorful and pleaseing to look at. TY scene kids!

So i decided to add a huge ass, "bling bling" chain and cross to my wardrobe.

The result?


Its kind of funny how one gets treated different just by a single accessory. Now im prejudged to be someone as cool as the other people in the big chain fan club. All because its a popularized, inflated, bs illusion.. Anyways, I walk by the girls and they smile like they know the size of my johnson now, or think that ive got the new lil wayne and a blunt in the car. Im not sure, but its humourous to me, because as i gain a buldging disc in my neck from wearing this almost flav clock, there they are, the bitches, sweatin me like im the heat they need, big girls lookin away like im exercise. I just dont get it. Yesterday all i got was smiles, today im getting numbers. Im the same ol, broke ass, hates bitches, cause i aint got money kinda guy, but all they see is a huge ding-a-ling, because i got this chain on. Shit. Get a chain, get some attention. problem solved.